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Jami Gertz teases with cleavage shots

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Who didn’t love Jami Gertz in the hilarious TV series Still Standing? Her character, Judy Miller, was such a crazy, cool-looking mom who tried to keep in touch with her youth, all the while trying (unsuccessfully) to become a responsible role model for her kids. Her role also dictated her to be rather playful, and at times, naughty, with her on-screen hubby Mark Addy, when they turn out the lights for some undisclosed fun after hours. That’s when the show leaves the storytelling to us and we are left with the last, suggestive frames hanging on screen for our minds to expand on and continue.

And who wouldn’t pursue such thoughts? Jami Gertz might be disguised as a crazy mom in the show, but beneath that role is still the sexy beast that she personally is. I mean, look at those titties struggling to get out! It’s a good indication that you can’t beat down a hot chick and pass her off as an average American mom. Even without trying, Jami Gertz can be teasing and seductive in that plunging neckline, which actually makes the seduction all the more tantalizing for me. That sliver of skin just makes me imagine the most fucked up perversions, with Jami Gertz in the lead. And those tits look like they’re in need of some violent grappling, soft and inviting as they are. But what’s more is that we have a fully array of nude Jami Gertz pictures for you, a lot of them so much better than this teaser here. Just click on the image and be whisked away to a slew of boobs and fucking, only from Jami Gertz Nude.