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Jami Gertz Shows Off Her Tits And Ass

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

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We all know this fuckable hottie from way back in the early 80’s as this brown-eyed Brat Packer in Alphabet City, Quicksilver, Crossroads, and Solarbabies. In 1987 she played shy vampire girl Star in The Lost Boys, which remains her most recognizable role for which she was praised for her superb acting ability. But with all the glitz and the glamor she is enjoying there is but one of several hidden secrets that we did not know about this lovely actress… and it was only recently that we have stumbled upon some of these very revealing naked pictures of Jami Gertz seductively posing and showing off her “bare essentials” and we are more than happy to share them with you.

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Get to see the kinky side of this famous hot chick while she gets a little naughty with her tits and pussy and she definitely knows how to tease guys with her own style of seductive posing and browsing over her nude pictures can get you a real nasty hard-on bulging in your pants. So get ready for some serious wanking when you check out these hot Jami Gertz nude photos. Have fun dudes!

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Jami Gertz naked in bed with a guy

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Jamie Gertz is the classic milf of my sex fantasies. Before Alessandra Ambrosio and Liv Tyler there was thisbrunette hottie who always portrayed mom roles in comedy tv series like Still Standing and Ally McBeal. But that persona did not overshadow the sexiness in her aura. She has this very expressive brown eyes that lights up like fire everytime I imagine her looking down at me while she’s ontop grinding her wet juicy pussy in my thick cock.

Here are screenshots of a younger Jamie Gertz making out naked in bed. Though if it was me instead of that guy in bed, I would not only put my tongue in her sweet mouth, I will slide it from her lips to her succulent breasts all the way down to her creamy young pussy before I slide my stiff cock in and pound the living shit out of her. Unfortunately, this is all just wishful thinking.