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Jami Gertz in naughty movie scenes

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Though she is more known as a comic actress, Jami Gertz has played sexier and meaner parts in at least one movie, and it’s safe to say that this kind of role fits her better than being the sitcom mom we know her to be. In the little known movie Lip Service, shown in 2001, Jami Gertz plays the scheming, foulmouthed Kat who is as much of a sex addict as she is hooked on drugs. Many consider the film to be distastefully raunchy and just a thoughtless mashup of one immorality to the next, but in my opinion, it’s how Jami Gertz fleshes out Kat’s character that really drove the story home. But moreĀ  than that are the steamy scenes Jami Gertz finds herself in, like this sexy lesbian bed scene she has with co-actor Sybil Temtchine.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Jami Gertz looks just the chick who would be into naughty fun as some girl-on-girl action. She just looks so hot in these movie stills, the way she takes the lead and kisses Sybil spot on the lips what could happen next is entirely up to our imaginations, somewhere along the lines of mutual fingering, pussy grinding, and moans of ecstasy escaping from the two chicks’ lips in unison. Oh, the dirty workings of the mind.

There’s another scene where Kat tries seducing these two Asian businessmen to lure them away from making a business proposal with Sybil’s character, Ali. I tell you, this short scene completely drove my imagination wild, the way she lifted her legs over those two lucky bastards and licking their faces in pleasure. Lesbian sex, Asian threesomes, whatever next, Jami?

Of course, there’s more to these few scenes I’ve posted for you guys. The rest is all on Jami Gertz Nude, and I’d go check them out if I were you.