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Jami Gertz poses with her ass and cunt out

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

From her early roles, and even from her looks alone, I knew there was a potential for her to do kinkier sidelines other than her acting career. That’s why it came as no surprise when we dug up these photos of Jami Gertz, early in her career, living out what the Fates have prepared her sizzling body for. From the first photo we unearthed from the deeper pits of Hollywood (yes, there are filthier gems lurking beneath the already blood-splattered glitz that is Hollywood), Jami Gertz gives us that teasing, innocent look that so captivates us. The way her legs are quietly spread apart and her body gracefully curved as she looks back simply makes me want to get up and fuck her dangling pussy from behind. I’m sure there’s a stray condom lying around that mess, but I must say it would be much better to just pump her pussy full with cum, if only to hear her punctured gasps of pleasure.

This next photo is a little high fashion shoot from Jami Gertz, taking it a notch up by getting rid of all the silly underwear business other celebrities are so hung up about. And god, she really is a teasing slut: her pussy is tucked just out of sight in between her luscious legs, and her slit accentuated by a healthy crop of pubes. I’d slip a hand right there and feel her bush before fingering the fuck out of her. Make no mistake, I’d be on to her faster than a hunting dog after its prey.

Where else have I gotten these teasers other than at Jami Gertz Nude? There are better stuff inside, I tell you, and it’s up to you to see them, just by clicking on her photos or on the link I gave you. Do it!