Jami Gertz Nude

You might go, “Who?” when you first hear of Jami Gertz. But once you catch sight of her photos, you’ll go, “Oh, that Jami Gertz.” True, she hasn’t made much of an impression to most of us, but if you’re a long-time fan of the award-winning show Still Standing, or caught The Lost Boys bug at its height in the late eighties, then you’d probably know that Jami Gertz is one hot Hollywood underdog. Loyal to her Jewish genes, Jami Gertz exhibits a dark undertone to her looks, with those sharp, probing eyes, and a thick head of hair that looks potentially ravishing after being messed up from sex.

And she looks like she prefers her heavy petting to be extra-naughty and kinky; I’m sure you’ll agree that leather would look hot on her, with a sixteen-inch paddle in her hand and a whole array of bondage toys littering her feet. Man, would that be hot and nasty.

But before we get carried away with visions of being trapped under her leather stilettos and start yelling “Vandersexx!”, it’s also good to trace her small success on screen (only to further our sexual fantasies about her, I must confess). She made her film debut in 1981 in Endless Love, but it was her role as Star, a half-vampire, in The Lost Boys in 1987 that gained her a spot in the acting industry. She appears more frequently on television than on the big screen, where she is most fondly recognized as cool mom Judy Miller in the TV series Still Standing.

Now that that’s out of the way, we go full steam ahead with the celebrity sleaze on Jami Gertz. She’s ready when you are, and it’s only on Jami Gertz Nude.