Jami Gertz gets her pits and tits licked

August 30th, 2016 by J

It’s no longer a wonder why Jami Gertz has a passion for scents and how far she would go into exploring the various scents, even the human body’s, when she disclosed her memorable years spent working as a scent designer before becoming an actress. While many people will probably get shocked at this fact, you will be more shocked to watch this leaked threesome video of herself together with two of her former lady co-workers. Seems like more than just a working environment for these three as they discover each other’s unique smells, which turn them on during sex. In Gertz’s case, she’s got some bodily scent these chicks like a lot that they end up licking those pits on cam, aside from feasting on her tits and erect nips of course.

Jami Gertz gets pleasured by two lesbian friends while topless on cam

They’re like basking on topless Gertz’ pheromones and they’re both addicted to her scent and under her spell. Watch her enjoy the stiff tongues and warm mouths of these hotties as they play with her armpits and breasts while drooling all over her body. Not your typical fetish amateur video, I know, but it’s hot as fuck too. An acquired taste, if you will.

Jami Gertz gives hot head

April 13th, 2016 by J

Horny Jami Gertz blows stiff dick

Jami Gertz is probably one of the most fortunate people on this planet who has a so-called silver spoon in her mouth when she was born. Her folks were rich right from the start, being a builder and a contractor, and this fortune led to Jami following their footsteps to a good life when she married in 1989. As the rich woman that she is, she attracted a lifetime partner who has the same goal in life and that is to stay within their ‘class’ but keep their feet planted flat on the ground. Because this was Gertz’ folks’ secret to a happy healthy marriage, she didn’t fail to comply having three kids and still pretty much married to the same man for more than 20 years. Aside from the material riches which please Jami and her husband, they are still in-tuned with their sexual pleasures of course and they have them on videos because they both enjoy watching themselves do nasty things on camera. Giving a nice blowjob is Gertz’ expertise and she does this with class. Watch her suck and deep throat her hubby’s dick until she makes him shoot his load inside her mouth.

Jami Gertz Shows Off Her Tits And Ass

September 28th, 2010 by jam

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We all know this fuckable hottie from way back in the early 80’s as this brown-eyed Brat Packer in Alphabet City, Quicksilver, Crossroads, and Solarbabies. In 1987 she played shy vampire girl Star in The Lost Boys, which remains her most recognizable role for which she was praised for her superb acting ability. But with all the glitz and the glamor she is enjoying there is but one of several hidden secrets that we did not know about this lovely actress… and it was only recently that we have stumbled upon some of these very revealing naked pictures of Jami Gertz seductively posing and showing off her “bare essentials” and we are more than happy to share them with you.

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Get to see the kinky side of this famous hot chick while she gets a little naughty with her tits and pussy and she definitely knows how to tease guys with her own style of seductive posing and browsing over her nude pictures can get you a real nasty hard-on bulging in your pants. So get ready for some serious wanking when you check out these hot Jami Gertz nude photos. Have fun dudes!

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Jami Gertz naked in bed with a guy

April 26th, 2010 by jam

Jamie Gertz is the classic milf of my sex fantasies. Before Alessandra Ambrosio and Liv Tyler there was thisbrunette hottie who always portrayed mom roles in comedy tv series like Still Standing and Ally McBeal. But that persona did not overshadow the sexiness in her aura. She has this very expressive brown eyes that lights up like fire everytime I imagine her looking down at me while she’s ontop grinding her wet juicy pussy in my thick cock.

Here are screenshots of a younger Jamie Gertz making out naked in bed. Though if it was me instead of that guy in bed, I would not only put my tongue in her sweet mouth, I will slide it from her lips to her succulent breasts all the way down to her creamy young pussy before I slide my stiff cock in and pound the living shit out of her. Unfortunately, this is all just wishful thinking.

Jami Gertz in naughty movie scenes

October 20th, 2009 by jam

Though she is more known as a comic actress, Jami Gertz has played sexier and meaner parts in at least one movie, and it’s safe to say that this kind of role fits her better than being the sitcom mom we know her to be. In the little known movie Lip Service, shown in 2001, Jami Gertz plays the scheming, foulmouthed Kat who is as much of a sex addict as she is hooked on drugs. Many consider the film to be distastefully raunchy and just a thoughtless mashup of one immorality to the next, but in my opinion, it’s how Jami Gertz fleshes out Kat’s character that really drove the story home. But more  than that are the steamy scenes Jami Gertz finds herself in, like this sexy lesbian bed scene she has with co-actor Sybil Temtchine.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Jami Gertz looks just the chick who would be into naughty fun as some girl-on-girl action. She just looks so hot in these movie stills, the way she takes the lead and kisses Sybil spot on the lips what could happen next is entirely up to our imaginations, somewhere along the lines of mutual fingering, pussy grinding, and moans of ecstasy escaping from the two chicks’ lips in unison. Oh, the dirty workings of the mind.

There’s another scene where Kat tries seducing these two Asian businessmen to lure them away from making a business proposal with Sybil’s character, Ali. I tell you, this short scene completely drove my imagination wild, the way she lifted her legs over those two lucky bastards and licking their faces in pleasure. Lesbian sex, Asian threesomes, whatever next, Jami?

Of course, there’s more to these few scenes I’ve posted for you guys. The rest is all on Jami Gertz Nude, and I’d go check them out if I were you.

Jami Gertz poses with her ass and cunt out

October 20th, 2009 by jam

From her early roles, and even from her looks alone, I knew there was a potential for her to do kinkier sidelines other than her acting career. That’s why it came as no surprise when we dug up these photos of Jami Gertz, early in her career, living out what the Fates have prepared her sizzling body for. From the first photo we unearthed from the deeper pits of Hollywood (yes, there are filthier gems lurking beneath the already blood-splattered glitz that is Hollywood), Jami Gertz gives us that teasing, innocent look that so captivates us. The way her legs are quietly spread apart and her body gracefully curved as she looks back simply makes me want to get up and fuck her dangling pussy from behind. I’m sure there’s a stray condom lying around that mess, but I must say it would be much better to just pump her pussy full with cum, if only to hear her punctured gasps of pleasure.

This next photo is a little high fashion shoot from Jami Gertz, taking it a notch up by getting rid of all the silly underwear business other celebrities are so hung up about. And god, she really is a teasing slut: her pussy is tucked just out of sight in between her luscious legs, and her slit accentuated by a healthy crop of pubes. I’d slip a hand right there and feel her bush before fingering the fuck out of her. Make no mistake, I’d be on to her faster than a hunting dog after its prey.

Where else have I gotten these teasers other than at Jami Gertz Nude? There are better stuff inside, I tell you, and it’s up to you to see them, just by clicking on her photos or on the link I gave you. Do it!

Jami Gertz teases with cleavage shots

October 20th, 2009 by jam

Who didn’t love Jami Gertz in the hilarious TV series Still Standing? Her character, Judy Miller, was such a crazy, cool-looking mom who tried to keep in touch with her youth, all the while trying (unsuccessfully) to become a responsible role model for her kids. Her role also dictated her to be rather playful, and at times, naughty, with her on-screen hubby Mark Addy, when they turn out the lights for some undisclosed fun after hours. That’s when the show leaves the storytelling to us and we are left with the last, suggestive frames hanging on screen for our minds to expand on and continue.

And who wouldn’t pursue such thoughts? Jami Gertz might be disguised as a crazy mom in the show, but beneath that role is still the sexy beast that she personally is. I mean, look at those titties struggling to get out! It’s a good indication that you can’t beat down a hot chick and pass her off as an average American mom. Even without trying, Jami Gertz can be teasing and seductive in that plunging neckline, which actually makes the seduction all the more tantalizing for me. That sliver of skin just makes me imagine the most fucked up perversions, with Jami Gertz in the lead. And those tits look like they’re in need of some violent grappling, soft and inviting as they are. But what’s more is that we have a fully array of nude Jami Gertz pictures for you, a lot of them so much better than this teaser here. Just click on the image and be whisked away to a slew of boobs and fucking, only from Jami Gertz Nude.